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Rules & Instructions

The Challenge is open to all beekeepers in the State of Hawai’i, regardless of size of operation, who follow the rules of this contest. Honey samples submitted for entry in the Challenge must be harvested and bottled by the contestant from their own apiary located in the State of Hawai’i during the year. No heat may be used in the extracting or bottling process. No additives, seeding, flavoring or blending of honeys may be used. Honey may be “strained” (strainer mesh size no smaller than 200 microns). The honey should not be processed in any way such as “creaming”, “spinning”, “churning”, “blending” or other manipulations.


All entries are to be submitted in a plain, one-pint WIDE MOUTH canning jar (Ball, Kerr, Mason) with metal lid and ring (no rusty rings please) for each category. The jar should have no label, sticker or information taped on.


Liquid Honey: 3 categories (Light, Medium & Dark)*

  • The honey sample must fill the jar to within 1/2” of the jar lid. 

  • Limited to 2 entries per category.

  • One pint jar per entry.

  • Judged on Aroma, Taste and Honey clarity.


* Light, Medium and Dark will be determined by the Jack’s scale color grader. Enter your sample on what category you think your honey is. Final entry category will be determined by BIBA at BIBA’s discretion.


Solid Honey: Single category

  • The honey sample must fill the jar to within 1/2” of the jar lid.

  • Limited to 2 entries.

  • One pint jar per entry

  • Judged on Aroma, Taste and Texture.


Comb Honey: Single category

  • The comb sample must be a single, rectangle piece that when placed in the jars it will stand on end and fit the width of the jar. No additional liquid honey should be added. 

  • Comb honey should be harvested from the same colony, same day and same frame.

  • Limited to 2 entries.

  • Two pint jars per entry **

  • Judged on Aroma, Taste and Texture.


** 2 pint jars for comb honey counts as one entry. One jar will be used at the formal judging and the any remaining comb along with the second jar will be used for People's Choice.

Entry fee: $10.00 per entry


All entries must be received no later than TBD

It is advisable to wrap your jars in plastic bags and before securing, with plenty of padding before shipping. The least expensive way to mail your entry is to utilize USPS Priority Mail Regional Rate A box. 


Mail completed entry form with honey samples, payment form and your check made out to BIBA to:


    Big Island Beekeepers Association
    Hawaiian Honey Challenge
    PO Box 366
    Papaikou, HI 96781-0366


Drop off locations on the Big Island will be accepting entries between TBD only


Locations: TBD

Additional drop off will be available on TBD at the monthly Big Island Beekeepers Association meeting at:


    Kamana Senior Center

    127 Kamana St 



A formal judging will be conducted by a panel of judges selected for their honey and/or culinary expertise and based on points scored by the judges in a formal, blind tasting event a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place will be awarded in each category. Formal judging will be conducted on TBD.

An informal taste testing will be conducted by the general public to determine the People’s Choice and the top scoring in each category will be awarded the People’s Choice. People’s Choice taste testing will be conducted on the day of the Annual Black & White Night (typically in early November) at the Mokupāpapa Discovery Center, 76 Kamehameha Ave, Hilo (corner of Kamehameha and Waianuenue Ave) between 5:30pm and 9:00pm. 

All entries will be assigned and identified by a number for both the formal judging and informal taste test.


The Big Island Beekeepers Association’s goal is to recognize and award as many producers of quality Hawaiian honey as possible, and we encourage your submissions.




A Big Mahalo to Our Supporters