Tuesday, August 29, 2017

BIBA Monthly meeting 9/12/2017 @ 6:00 PM

Kamana Senior Center,   124 Kamana St.  Hilo,  HI  

This month’s Big Island Beekeepers Association meeting will be:  Inspecting your hive for Varroa mites, and reporting your findings for the First Annual  MITE-A-THON project.
We will review the two standardized sampling protocols (alcohol wash, and powdered sugar roll) for counting mites.    A quick run down of the Mite-a-Thon data project should include:                                                                
Number of mites per 100 bees (% of hive infestation), Hive location, total number of hives, number of hives   tested, local habitat, and total number of Varroa counted from each hive.  The published information will not identify any individual participants. 

Jim K.  Media Person
Contact:  bigislandbeekeepers@gmail.com  or voice mail  805 399-2422

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