Tuesday, July 12, 2016

2016 Hawaiian Natural Honey Challenge


Information, Rules and Instructions
Thank you for your interest in the 2016 Hawaiian Natural Honey Challenge!
The purpose of the Hawaiian Natural Honey Challenge is two fold. Our mission is to help our State of Hawai’i beekeepers in producing a good quality product and a consistent pleasing presentation of it. Second, we are hoping that we can increase the public’s awareness of, not only the wide variety of honey available in our local areas, but about what they can do to help the honeybees. For the beekeepers, it is a platform for recognition of their work and the product of their hives.
You will find here all you need to enter this year’s competition. Receipt of entries by mail or drop off is Friday September 16, 2016. Big Island drop off points will be announced around September 1, 2016.
   Entry Form(s): Please fill out and return with your entry (s).
   Payment Form (s): Please fill out & return with your entry.
   Payment: Cost is $10 per entry.
Make checks out to BIBA.

Review of Rules and Competition Format
   The Challenge is open to all State of Hawaii beekeepers, regardless of operation size, who follow the rules of this contest.
   Honey samples submitted for entry in the Challenge must be harvested and bottled by the contestant from their own apiary located in the State of Hawai’I between the dates of September 16, 2015 – September 16, 2016.
   No heat may be used in the extracting or bottling process.
   No additives, seeding, flavoring or blending of honeys may be used.
   Honey may be “strained” but not “filtered”
   The honey should not be processed in any way such as “creaming”, “spinning”, “churning”, “blending” or other manipulations.
   Entries may be submitted as liquid or solid, or comb honey.
   All liquid and solid entries are to be submitted in one plain, one-pint wide mouth canning jar (Ball, Kerr, Mason) with metal lid and ring.
-The honey sample must fill the jar to within 1⁄2” of the jar lid.
-Cleanliness of the container, ring and lid are part of the criteria used to judge the appearance of your entry (no rusty lids, please).
   No more than two entries per category for Liquid, Solid and Comb, Multifloral categories. Example: 2 entries for Liquid, 2 for solid, 2 for comb.
   No more than one entry per Single Varietal category.
Example: 1 entry per Ohia Lehua, 1 entry for Keawe, etc.
   Comb honey entries must be submitted in two one-pint wide mouth canning jars (Ball, Kerr, Mason), with metal lids and rings.
-Each will contain a single piece of honey in the comb, that when placed in the jar will stand on end and fit the width and depth of the jar.
-Both jars of comb honey entry must be harvested from the
same colony, same day.
-No additional liquid honey should be added to comb honey entries.
   Honey in incorrect jars will not be allowed.

   An incorrect fill would create point deduction (s).
The Contest:
·      Competition single varietal categories are Kiawe, Ohia/Lehua, Macadamia, Christmasberry, Eucalyptus.
·      All other entries will be reviewed and most likely placed in the Tropical Multifloral for the purpose of the competition. You may list up to THREE main floral elements, starting with what you feel is the dominant floral contribution.

·      There will be a formal judging on Wednesday September 28, 2016.
·      An informal public tasting will happen at the Western Apicultural Society Conference on Oahu October 13 – 15, 2016 resulting in ‘People’s Choice’ awards.
·      Both evaluations will be done “blind”, in that the entries will be identified by number only assigned by the committee at the time of judging.
The Registrar will inspect the entries and measure water content, for information purposes only, not as part of the judging criteria.
PLEASE NOTE: Great caution should be taken to make sure that honey is not fermented. This is best taken care of during the collection process, by not harvesting nectar that is not capped, or that has too high a percentage of uncapped cells. Please consult with an experienced beekeeper if you are not sure how to accomplish this.
The formal judging will be conducted by a panel of judges selected for their honey and/or culinary expertise.

Awards: Awards given are based on points scored by the judges in a formal, blind tasting event. Honeys are rated based on appearance, taste, aroma, texture.
·      1st, 2nd & 3rd place awards will be given for each multifloral honey, in Liquid, Solid and Comb categories.
·      1st place awards will be given in the Single Varietal categories
·      A Best of Show award will be given.
·      An award for the Best of Show for each Island will be given.
·      The “People's Choice Awards” are given to the most popular of all the entries regardless of variety and type of submission.
BIBA’s goal is to recognize and award producers of quality Hawaiian honey and we encourage your submissions.

Place your completed entry form in a plastic bag and secure by rubber band to the associated jar (no tape please).  
Enclose your payment form and your check made out to BIBA to:
Big Island Beekeepers Association,
Hawaiian Natural Honey Challenge
PO Box 7231

Hilo, Hawai’i 96720
It is advisable to wrap your jars in plastic bags with plenty of padding before shipping
Off Island Beekeepers: We recommend that you use Priority Mail.
For any questions or more information please contact Peggy Beckett at 808-965-0000 or peggy@thebeecompany.buzz

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