Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Tuesday night 2/9/16 BIBA meeting

Aloha BIBA members and all other interested folk,

We have had a last minute agenda change for Tuesday night 2/9/16 BIBA meeting.
Kirk Webster, who came from Vermont to present at the Maui Bee Conference, is visiting here with us and has consented to give his presentation to us on Tuesday evening.
We welcome any interested people to attend. Not necessary to be a member
"Kirk Webster is the owner and operator of Champlain Valley Bees & Queens in Middlebury, Vermont. He produces Russian queens and nucs, as well as honey, and his apiary has been treatment-free since 2002. Kirk uses the natural processes active in nature to maintain his hives without treatment for mites and other pests or pathogens.
Other tidbits about Kirk:
As you may know, he is the real patriarch of treatment free beekeeping in US.
Are you familiar with Bill McKibbon (350.org) and the book “Oil and Honey”?
Well, Kirk’s the honey portion of that."
We look forward to seeing you Tuesday.

Since the domain has been hacked the email link does not work on the original page.
We can still be reached at bigislandbeekeepers@gmail.com

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Aloha BIBA

It appears that our domain name has been hijacked/hacked.

We are unable to access and update any pages on this site except for this blog page, at this time.
We are working to try to resolve this.

There is a new page - http://www.bibahawaiibees.org/ - claiming to be Big Island Beekeepers Association. By way of disclaimer - BIBA is not affiliated with them in any way. Although one read of the page would let you know that anyway.

In the meantime, visit us on Facebook at Big Island Beekeepers Association.

We are truly sorry for the inconvenience.

Peggy Beckett

Although the link does not work on the original page, we can still be reached at bigislandbeekeepers@gmail.com