Thursday, May 8, 2014

April minutes (not yet approved)

BIBA    Minutes April 8, 2014
Meeting called to order at 6:40pm by Rod Vanderhoef.
Minutes: Secretary forgot to bring print-out of minutes from Feb and March meetings. Larry Reiss made motion to have both sets of minutes approved at next meeting. Erik Belcher seconded. Passed.
Treasurer’s Report:  per Erik Belcher    $879.33   checking   $722.00    savings
Larry motioned and Tanya seconded to accept treasurer’s report. Passed.
Old Business:
            Grant:  Final $4500.00 grant installment expected in one month approx.
Accounting software has not been purchased yet- purchase is pending on $4500                   installment. Erik says new software will be needed for future grant proposals
Komohana has 5 hives- 2 top bar, 3 langstroth. No honey was harvested. Fire ant infestation noted. Concerns re Fire Weed in area- Danielle to speak re fire weed possibly.
New Business:
            Grants: Vince Wilson  spoke to group.  We missed deadline for 2014 large grant. Several smaller grants are available. Sharon has been encouraging us to make proposals per Ruby and Vince.
10k County Market Development grant deadline 4/20- Vince will meet w/Larry, Erik, and Rod at Komohana Sat April 12th w/draft of grant proposal for approval. Larry motioned for 4/20 meeting, Erik seconded. Passed
10k Educational grant also available – deadline unknown- specific to outreach educ/ schools.
Crop Specialty Grant also avail again per Vince’s conversation w/Sharon.
Questions raised whether Honey Challenge could be held again this year given limited funds avail.  Sharon suggested to Vince that perhaps the honey challenge be broken down into districts as well as varietals.
Adjournment:  Larry motioned to adjourn meeting. Erik seconded. Passed at 7:45pm.
Ruby gave a presentation on the many uses of beeswax.

                                 ( Minutes submitted by Tanya Chuoke)

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