Monday, March 31, 2014

Agendas and minutes for January & February 2014

                   BIBA Board of Directors Meeting           January 14, 2014

Called to order at 5:00  pm.   Present were Rod Vanderhoef, Larry Reiss, Peggy Beckett, Alex Larios, Erik Belcher, Elaine Partlow.

Membership as of December 2013 is 64.  Discussed Charter/Bylaws and  procedure to add to or update.  Proposed increasing dues to $25 per person, and $40 per family (two votes).

Rod handed out survey form for Honey Challenge participants.  Board corrected wording on some questions, and eliminated some. Elaine will email survey to Honey Challenge participants.

Peggy read email from Chelle with questions she has regarding wrap-up of Honey Festival.

Discussed challenges of holding Honey Festival and how to get more volunteers.

Meeting adjourned at 6:01pm

                   BIBA General Meeting              January 14, 2014

Sixteen members present, a quorum.
Meeting called to order by Larry at 6:34pm. He handed gavel over to new president Rod Vanderhoef.
Rod read minutes of last meeting.  Peggy moved to approve minutes, Larry seconded.  Passed.

Rod recited the amounts of a number of checks that were written to clear debts from the Honey Festival.  Balance in treasury is approximately $600.   Peggy moved to accept oral treasury report, Pat seconded.  Passed.


Chelle emailed a survey to be sent to Honey Challenge participants requesting their feedback on the event and subsequent sales of honey.  Rod read the survey out loud with the changes suggested by the board.  Vale moved to accept the survey with changes to be sent to participants, Pat seconded.  Passed 
Rod asked members to tally up value of hours and items donated to Honey Festival, with brief description of what was done or given.  This needs to get to Chelle by Thursday.

Peggy read a list of questions from Chelle concerning grant for this year's Honey Festival.


Erik presented the need for an accounting system and procedure, such as QuickBooks, and bylaws changes.  He noted the current bylaws call for all decisions to be made by the membership which is cumbersome when putting on an event like the Honey Festival.  James said that for last year's grant money, membership gave the board authorization to act without a membership vote on each item.

Erik gave figures of $200 for software, and $550 (approximately) to have finances professionally set up.

Discussed if we want to set up two paid positions: Director of Honey Challenge, and Director of Honey Festival.  Since we voted last month to move forward with the Honey Festival and grant, we should go ahead and include the paid positions and costs of financial software and set-up.

One member left, we no longer have a quorum.

Discussed meeting schedule, the second Tuesday of the month works for most people.  Secretary will notify membership by email 15 days and 3 days before each meeting, and send the agenda to Peggy.

Founding member Bob Sumnermack died last month, and his wife has his beekeeping equipment for sale.  She also requested that BIBA take over his hives.

Peggy moved to adjourn, seconded by Pat. Meeting adjourned at 7:40.

Respectfully submitted, Elaine Partlow, secretary.

                    AGENDA for February 11, 2014  Meeting

6:00 Pot Luck       6:30 Meeting

Call to Order
Secretary reading of minutes
Treasurer's Report
Old Business:  Wrap up Honey Festival
New Business: Go over this year's Grant Proposal.  Discuss bylaws changes to be voted on during March meeting.  Dues must be paid by this meeting in order to remain active member.

Larry will give talk on top bar hives, and how to manage them.

Additional announcement:  Tuesday, January 28, at Kamana Senior Center, board members, old and new, and any interested members, will get together with Chelle to review last year's grant before it is turned in to the state.

Minutes March 11, 2014

March 11, 2014

Meeting called to order at 6:30pm by President Rod Vanderhoef.  

Minutes:  Secretary forgot to bring print-out of minutes.  Pat made a motion, and Ruby seconded, to have secretary post minutes to the BIBA website and then vote to approve them at the next meeting.  Passed.

Erik had to leave early, so Alex gave the treasurer's report:
Checking acct.   $681.58
Savings acct.     $721.91
Larry motioned, and Paul seconded, to accept treasurer's report.  Passed.

Komohana hives have made $300 this year, with two top bar and three Langstroth hives.  Larry found several supers and deeps, and new frames with foundation there.

Grant:  Final grant money still needs to be applied for, if all requirements have been met.  One of those requirements is pollen analysis, and samples were sent to a lab in Texas, but the results were unproductive.  Rod will call Sharon Heard to find out if having the analysis done fulfills the requirement.  

Bylaws:  Discussed changing by-laws to allow raising or lowering dues at meetings other than December's.  Board is proposing raising dues to $25 per individual and $40 for a family.  Also discussed changing by-laws to place the Media Officer as a committee chair, and add the past president to the board, for continuity and to maintain five members on the board.  By-law changes were tabled for the time.  June nominated past-president Larry to the board. Ron seconded.  Approved.

 Ron brought up that meeting agenda should be posted to the website, and meeting dates should be published in the newspaper calendar section.  Secretary will do this.

Rod asked for someone to be responsible for finding a speaker for meetings.  Peggy made a motion to appoint Ruby as Educational Coordinator to provide presentations at meetings.  June seconded.  Passed.

Discussed applying for grant money for 2015 Honey Festival and Challenge.  The application is due April 15, 2014. The binder from Chelle should have all the information needed to fill in the forms, and Ron has a friend, Vince, who has experience writing grants, and says he will charge less than Chelle did.  Pat made a motion, and Ruby seconded, to go forward with turning grant proposal over to Vince to be facilitator.  Passed.
  The large binder from last year's Honey Festival will be available at future meetings for anyone who would like to look it over.
 We will discuss how to go forward with this year's Honey Festival without grant money at the next meeting.

Chandra moved, Larry seconded, to adjourn meeting.  Adjourned at 7:52.

Ron gave a presentation on problems with pests in the hive.

Respectfully submitted, Elaine Partlow, secretary

Saturday, March 1, 2014

BIBA Meeting - Tuesday 3/11/14

Greetings BIBA members,
    Our next meeting will be held on March 11 at the Kamana Senior Center. at 127 Kamana St.  
    Potluck begins at 6:00 pm, general meeting at 6:30.  The board meeting will be at 5:00.

   There will be discussion and voting on by-laws changes and grants, and general business.

Hope to see you there!

Elaine Partlow