Thursday, November 6, 2014

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November 06, 2014

Meeting agenda and information Tuesday 11/11/14

Dear Members,
Our next meeting will be Tuesday November 11 at 6:30 in the Kamana Senior Center. The meeting itself will be short, mainly a report on the Honey Festival and the upcoming Honey Queen's visit. Then we will watch a movie, or part of it, called "More Than Honey", which is a German film about the aspects of European bee raising, but also covers bees in California, Australia, and China. As usual, pot luck at 6:00, meeting at 6:30. Board meeting at 5:00.

This will also be an opportunity to purchase your tickets for the Gala Dinner to be held November 19, at Nani Mau Gardens. Tickets are $40 each and will get you a wonderful gourmet dinner of honey-based dishes, with live music, a silent auction, a presentation by the Honey Queen, a no-host bar, and the opportunity to stroll the grounds of the beautiful Nani Mau Gardens. If you can't make the meeting, contact me or Peggy ( and we will get your tickets to you. Please join your friends and support your club by attending this event, it will be a lot of fun!
Elaine Partlow
Golden Feather Jewelry

2014 Hawai'i Honey Festival

We are getting excited for our upcoming Hawai'i Honey Festival this month.
Nani Mau Gardens, Makalika Street, Hilo Hawai'i, 10 am - 4 pm 

Our vendor spaces are being finalized - lots of great applications - list will come out soon.

We have 2 great bands playing in the pavilion area.

The Master Gardeners will again conduct a couple garden tours through Nani Mau's beautiful property.

We will announce the winners of the Hawaiian Natural Honey Challenge.

Educational booths will include, among others, the Department of Agricuture Apiary Division, the Hawai'i Master Food Preservers program, the Master Gardeners Fruit Fly booth, Big Island Beekeepers Association booth.

There will be some educational presentations regarding beekeeping and any of the roaming beekeepers will be happy to stop, answer questions and share with you their knowledge. Look for those name tags hanging on them.

Don't forget this is your opportunity to taste many varieties of honey from the Islands of Hawai'i and vote for your favorite. The Beekeepers all hope it will be their very own special honey that will win the coveted People's Choice Award.

Come back often over the next couple weeks and see what we will continue to add to the mix.

Mahalo. See you at the Festival.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Western Apicultural Society Bulletin

Items of interest to beekeepers July 15, 2014

CLUBS - please forward to your members

My apologies for the long silence. We have been scrambling to get the summer edition of the WAS Journal finished and finalize the conference information it must contain. It has been a bit of a marathon, with Jerry dealing with family health issues and the double load of organizing not only the usual WAS conference but also the 2nd International Workshop on Hive and Bee Monitoring. 

This year's conference is composed of three sections:
• The 2nd International Workshop on Hive and Bee Monitoring on Wednesday, September 17,
• WAS Conference Speakers, Thursday and Friday, September 18 and 19,
• Saturday Morning Workshops covering a variety of practical topics of interest to beekeepers and geared especially for those folks who cannot get away to attend the earlier events.

The 2nd International Workshop on Hive and Bee Monitoring involves several speakers from far distant parts -- New Zealand, Northern Ireland, Italy etc. It kicks off the "Week of the Bee" at the University of Montana in Missoula and contains a candy shop of technological goodies for all those so inclined.

Keynote speaker on Thursday of the WAS conference is our own Dr. Eric Mussen, now retired from UC-Davis but still the bee guru of choice for half the world. He'll be talking about what has changed in beekeeping during his professional lifetime. You know him - entertaining, informative, plain spoken and easy for anyone to understand, be they beginner beekeepers or ones with decades of experience.

The Friday keynote is something different, and something of enormous interest to all of us. G. Philip Hughes, Senior Director of the White House Writers Group of Washington, D.C.; Former Ambassador and White House National Security Aide for Presidents Robert Reagan and George H.W. Bush, will address the neonicotinoid pesticides and bees debate, giving a play-by-play of how this issue has been and is being played out. He will highlight the issues being ignored, misstated or oversimplified along the way by the media and politicians. He will also address the role of journalists in ‘muddying’ rather than clarifying the waters, as well as the recent involvement of the White House in honey bee and pollinator health and protection.

Attached is a registration form and a tee-shirt order form (you don't have to be at the conference to order a tee-shirt).

The WAS website will be updated in the next few days with all the information you need to get to Missoula in September - speaker program, registration form,   accommodations, instructions and maps on how to find your way around Missoula and the university campus, and a glittering collection of extra events to make this a week to remember. Check it out at and plan to join us.

Shortly, I will get back to normal delivery of Items of interest to beekeepers. Apologies for the interruption. First things first.

Regards, Fran Bach
WAS Communications Director & Journal Editor

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Next meeting - Tuesday July 8, 2014

Greetings BIBA members,

Our next meeting will be held on Tuesday, July 8.  This is a very important meeting as we will be signing up volunteers for the various committees to put on the Honey Festival.  We need to have enough volunteers to share the responsibilities, so that a few people don't end up doing all the work.  

I will send you a list of the committees in a couple of days, so that you can begin thinking of which ones you would like to be on.  And I will confirm that the speaker who had to cancel last month will be able to join us.

Board meeting is at 5:00 pm, Potluck at 6:00, and meeting at 6:30.

See you there!
Elaine Partlow

Sunday, June 8, 2014

presentation postponement

Due to unforeseen circumstances the presentation by Danielle Downey and Russell Molyneux has been postponed. The meeting on Tuesday at the Kamana Senior Center is still scheduled for 6 pm.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Meeting announcement for June and May minutes, to be approved

Greetings Members

   The next meeting will be on June 10, at the Kamana Senior Center, in Hilo.  Board meeting at 5:00 pm, pot luck at 6:00 pm, meeting at 6:30 pm.

   Meetings will be held on the second Tuesday of each month, so you can put them on your calendar, and not have to rely on my irregular reminders.

   We will be discussing the Honey Challenge and other pertinent business, then Danielle Downey and chemist Russell Molyneux will present findings on the invasive fireweed effects on bees and honey.

       See you all there!

Elaine Partlow


 Minutes -  BIBA Meeting    May 13, 2014

Meeting was called to order at 6:30 by President Rod Vanderhoef.  Fifteen members were present, eight required for a quorum.

Treasurer Eric Belcher reported we have $122 in checking and $722 in savings.  Will have to pay bills when the final grant check arrives.
Chuck made a motion, and Pat seconded, to accept the treasurer's report.  Passed.

Secretary Elaine Partlow read the minutes of the April meeting.  Larry made a motion, and Pat seconded, to accept the minutes.  Passed

Old Business
The final grant check has arrived in the state office, we are waiting for it to work its way through the system, which should happen by the end of the week.

Honey Challenge:  needs grants to do a proper event.  Since we are not a non-profit, we could perhaps partner with a group like 4H, Boy Scouts, or Girl Scouts.  That entity would be the fiscal sponsor, the grant would be under their name, they would take a percentage.  More discussion was held on 501(c)3 status and paperwork.
June made a motion, and Pat seconded, that BIBA become a 501(c)3.  Passed.  Chuck will contact  Jane Simons, to see if she has the needed paperwork.

Komohana hives:  Eric put out Andro with peanut butter, which has reduced the fire ant population.

New Business
Rod suggested a fund raiser:  To have an occasional silent auction or sale of members' unwanted items during an association meeting.  Proceeds could be donated entirely, or split between seller and association.  There was no further discussion.

There was some conversation about two state-sponsored programs, "First to Work", and "SEES", that pay or reimburse wages for workers who work for and are trained by non-profits or other businesses.

Eric motioned to adjourn, Ruby seconded.  Meeting was adjourned at 7:10 pm.

A very interesting talk and slide show was presented by a representative of the Tropical Fruit Growers Association.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

April minutes (not yet approved)

BIBA    Minutes April 8, 2014
Meeting called to order at 6:40pm by Rod Vanderhoef.
Minutes: Secretary forgot to bring print-out of minutes from Feb and March meetings. Larry Reiss made motion to have both sets of minutes approved at next meeting. Erik Belcher seconded. Passed.
Treasurer’s Report:  per Erik Belcher    $879.33   checking   $722.00    savings
Larry motioned and Tanya seconded to accept treasurer’s report. Passed.
Old Business:
            Grant:  Final $4500.00 grant installment expected in one month approx.
Accounting software has not been purchased yet- purchase is pending on $4500                   installment. Erik says new software will be needed for future grant proposals
Komohana has 5 hives- 2 top bar, 3 langstroth. No honey was harvested. Fire ant infestation noted. Concerns re Fire Weed in area- Danielle to speak re fire weed possibly.
New Business:
            Grants: Vince Wilson  spoke to group.  We missed deadline for 2014 large grant. Several smaller grants are available. Sharon has been encouraging us to make proposals per Ruby and Vince.
10k County Market Development grant deadline 4/20- Vince will meet w/Larry, Erik, and Rod at Komohana Sat April 12th w/draft of grant proposal for approval. Larry motioned for 4/20 meeting, Erik seconded. Passed
10k Educational grant also available – deadline unknown- specific to outreach educ/ schools.
Crop Specialty Grant also avail again per Vince’s conversation w/Sharon.
Questions raised whether Honey Challenge could be held again this year given limited funds avail.  Sharon suggested to Vince that perhaps the honey challenge be broken down into districts as well as varietals.
Adjournment:  Larry motioned to adjourn meeting. Erik seconded. Passed at 7:45pm.
Ruby gave a presentation on the many uses of beeswax.

                                 ( Minutes submitted by Tanya Chuoke)

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Meeting speaker


Please be informed that next week's BIBA meeting speaker is David Longacre from Hawai'i Fruit Growers Association.

Happy BEES for Happy Trees.


Ruby Piano
Program Coordinator

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

BIBA Meeting Announcement

BIBA Meeting Announcement

Dear Members,

The next BIBA meeting will be on Tuesday, May 13, at the Kamana Senior Center at 6;30. Potluck begins at 6:00, Board meeting at 5:00.

We will be discussing the Honey Challenge, and other business. We tentatively have a speaker from a fruit tree growers association to discuss pollination.

See you there!

Elaine Partlow

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

BIBA meeting - Tuesday April 8, 2014

Received yesterday…..

"Sorry for the late notice!

BIBA Meeting will be Tuesday, April 8 at Kamana Senior Center. Potluck at 6:00, with general meeting at 6:30. Come prepared to join the committee of your choice to help with the Honey Festival/Challenge this fall. 

Ruby will give a talk and demonstration of beeswax uses after the meeting. 

See you there!"

Elaine Partlow

Monday, March 31, 2014

Agendas and minutes for January & February 2014

                   BIBA Board of Directors Meeting           January 14, 2014

Called to order at 5:00  pm.   Present were Rod Vanderhoef, Larry Reiss, Peggy Beckett, Alex Larios, Erik Belcher, Elaine Partlow.

Membership as of December 2013 is 64.  Discussed Charter/Bylaws and  procedure to add to or update.  Proposed increasing dues to $25 per person, and $40 per family (two votes).

Rod handed out survey form for Honey Challenge participants.  Board corrected wording on some questions, and eliminated some. Elaine will email survey to Honey Challenge participants.

Peggy read email from Chelle with questions she has regarding wrap-up of Honey Festival.

Discussed challenges of holding Honey Festival and how to get more volunteers.

Meeting adjourned at 6:01pm

                   BIBA General Meeting              January 14, 2014

Sixteen members present, a quorum.
Meeting called to order by Larry at 6:34pm. He handed gavel over to new president Rod Vanderhoef.
Rod read minutes of last meeting.  Peggy moved to approve minutes, Larry seconded.  Passed.

Rod recited the amounts of a number of checks that were written to clear debts from the Honey Festival.  Balance in treasury is approximately $600.   Peggy moved to accept oral treasury report, Pat seconded.  Passed.


Chelle emailed a survey to be sent to Honey Challenge participants requesting their feedback on the event and subsequent sales of honey.  Rod read the survey out loud with the changes suggested by the board.  Vale moved to accept the survey with changes to be sent to participants, Pat seconded.  Passed 
Rod asked members to tally up value of hours and items donated to Honey Festival, with brief description of what was done or given.  This needs to get to Chelle by Thursday.

Peggy read a list of questions from Chelle concerning grant for this year's Honey Festival.


Erik presented the need for an accounting system and procedure, such as QuickBooks, and bylaws changes.  He noted the current bylaws call for all decisions to be made by the membership which is cumbersome when putting on an event like the Honey Festival.  James said that for last year's grant money, membership gave the board authorization to act without a membership vote on each item.

Erik gave figures of $200 for software, and $550 (approximately) to have finances professionally set up.

Discussed if we want to set up two paid positions: Director of Honey Challenge, and Director of Honey Festival.  Since we voted last month to move forward with the Honey Festival and grant, we should go ahead and include the paid positions and costs of financial software and set-up.

One member left, we no longer have a quorum.

Discussed meeting schedule, the second Tuesday of the month works for most people.  Secretary will notify membership by email 15 days and 3 days before each meeting, and send the agenda to Peggy.

Founding member Bob Sumnermack died last month, and his wife has his beekeeping equipment for sale.  She also requested that BIBA take over his hives.

Peggy moved to adjourn, seconded by Pat. Meeting adjourned at 7:40.

Respectfully submitted, Elaine Partlow, secretary.

                    AGENDA for February 11, 2014  Meeting

6:00 Pot Luck       6:30 Meeting

Call to Order
Secretary reading of minutes
Treasurer's Report
Old Business:  Wrap up Honey Festival
New Business: Go over this year's Grant Proposal.  Discuss bylaws changes to be voted on during March meeting.  Dues must be paid by this meeting in order to remain active member.

Larry will give talk on top bar hives, and how to manage them.

Additional announcement:  Tuesday, January 28, at Kamana Senior Center, board members, old and new, and any interested members, will get together with Chelle to review last year's grant before it is turned in to the state.

Minutes March 11, 2014

March 11, 2014

Meeting called to order at 6:30pm by President Rod Vanderhoef.  

Minutes:  Secretary forgot to bring print-out of minutes.  Pat made a motion, and Ruby seconded, to have secretary post minutes to the BIBA website and then vote to approve them at the next meeting.  Passed.

Erik had to leave early, so Alex gave the treasurer's report:
Checking acct.   $681.58
Savings acct.     $721.91
Larry motioned, and Paul seconded, to accept treasurer's report.  Passed.

Komohana hives have made $300 this year, with two top bar and three Langstroth hives.  Larry found several supers and deeps, and new frames with foundation there.

Grant:  Final grant money still needs to be applied for, if all requirements have been met.  One of those requirements is pollen analysis, and samples were sent to a lab in Texas, but the results were unproductive.  Rod will call Sharon Heard to find out if having the analysis done fulfills the requirement.  

Bylaws:  Discussed changing by-laws to allow raising or lowering dues at meetings other than December's.  Board is proposing raising dues to $25 per individual and $40 for a family.  Also discussed changing by-laws to place the Media Officer as a committee chair, and add the past president to the board, for continuity and to maintain five members on the board.  By-law changes were tabled for the time.  June nominated past-president Larry to the board. Ron seconded.  Approved.

 Ron brought up that meeting agenda should be posted to the website, and meeting dates should be published in the newspaper calendar section.  Secretary will do this.

Rod asked for someone to be responsible for finding a speaker for meetings.  Peggy made a motion to appoint Ruby as Educational Coordinator to provide presentations at meetings.  June seconded.  Passed.

Discussed applying for grant money for 2015 Honey Festival and Challenge.  The application is due April 15, 2014. The binder from Chelle should have all the information needed to fill in the forms, and Ron has a friend, Vince, who has experience writing grants, and says he will charge less than Chelle did.  Pat made a motion, and Ruby seconded, to go forward with turning grant proposal over to Vince to be facilitator.  Passed.
  The large binder from last year's Honey Festival will be available at future meetings for anyone who would like to look it over.
 We will discuss how to go forward with this year's Honey Festival without grant money at the next meeting.

Chandra moved, Larry seconded, to adjourn meeting.  Adjourned at 7:52.

Ron gave a presentation on problems with pests in the hive.

Respectfully submitted, Elaine Partlow, secretary

Saturday, March 1, 2014

BIBA Meeting - Tuesday 3/11/14

Greetings BIBA members,
    Our next meeting will be held on March 11 at the Kamana Senior Center. at 127 Kamana St.  
    Potluck begins at 6:00 pm, general meeting at 6:30.  The board meeting will be at 5:00.

   There will be discussion and voting on by-laws changes and grants, and general business.

Hope to see you there!

Elaine Partlow

Friday, January 31, 2014

BIBA meeting February 11, 2014

Next BIBA meeting on Tuesday February 11, 2014. Kamana Senior Center, Kamana St, Hilo HI

AGENDA for February 11, 2014 Meeting

6:00 Pot Luck 6:30 Meeting

Call to Order
Secretary reading of minutes
Treasurer's Report
Old Business: Wrap up Honey Festival
New Business: Go over this year's Grant Proposal. Discuss bylaws changes to be voted on during March meeting. Dues must be paid by this meeting in order to remain active member.

Larry will give talk on top bar hives, and how to manage them.

Monday, January 6, 2014

January Apiary Days

Big Island Beekeepers Association
APIARY DAY Saturday January 11 & 25, 2014

Apiary Days are a educational project of the Big Island Beekeepers Association. They are scheduled every second and fourth Saturday of the month. This is the time when members of the Big Island Beekeepers Association conduct regular maintenance of the demonstration colonies they keep at the Komohana Apiary, on Komohana in Hilo. Observers will see how beekeepers inspect a colony and how maintenance of the colonies changes with the seasons.

Apiary Days are an unstructured learning unity for people new to beekeeping to get up front and personal with bees. No fees or registration but attendees are asked to wear protective clothing. For more information call Erick Belcher, 935-3939. Apiary Days are canceled in event of rain.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

BIBA Meeting

The first meeting of BIBA for 2014, will be Tuesday evening January 14, 2014. Pot luck at 6 pm, General meeting at 6:30 pm.

Kamana Senior Center, 121 Kamana St., Hilo, HI

Ron Hanson of Hanson's Hawaiian Honey Bee Farm will do a presentation on Honey Extraction.