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2013 Hawaii Honey Festival PROGRAM OF ACTIVITIES

2013 Hawaii Honey Festival

MUSIC – The Gazebo

11 a.m.    Kunswanana Marimba Ensemble
12 p.m.    Cyril Pahinui & Connections School
                  U’kulele & Slack Key Students
 1   p.m.    Mary Isis
 2   p.m.    Tina Garber
 3   p.m.    Smack Dab
 4   p.m.    Terrapin Station


1:30 – 2       Hiccup Circus
2:30 – 3       Hiccup Circus
1 – 1:30       Creative Bee Waggle Dancing
2 – 2:30       Creative Bee Waggle Dancing

ONGOING:  Balloon creations, Face painting,
                      Beehive painting with the “Bee
                      Buddies”, and more!

Main Lanai or Pupu Pavilion (PP)

                       Mead Making Demos – Diki Short
 12 – 1:00         for Beginners  (PP)
   2 – 3:00         for Experienced Mead Makers (PP)
   1 -  2:00      Apitherapy – Kate McWiggins  (see
                            Bios)  - Main Lanai
1:30 – 2:30    Candle making demo – Jen Rasmussen
11:30, 1:30    Nani Mau Garden Tours (sign up at
                         BIBA booth; meet at Main Lanai)


Cyril Pahinui Cyril Pahinui needs no introduction to Hawaiian music lovers. Cyril is a master slack key guitarist, and is the son of Gabby “Pop” Pahinui, who is considered the “Godfather” of Hawaiian slack key guitar. Cyril is also the u’kulele and slack key guitar instructor for the fortunate students of the Connections Charter School!

Richard (“Diki”) Short – Univ. of Hawaii, College of Ag, Forestry & Nat. Resource Mgmt. – Diki is the manager of UH’s Research Farm, and a beekeeper since his youthful days growing up on Oahu. Diki went to work at UH Manoa in 1979, and then to UH Hilo in 1983, where he developed the UH Research Farm in Panaewa, and which he currently manages. Locally, Diki is widely known as a mead brewer extraordinaire, and he will share his knowledge and experience.

Kate McWiggins – American Apitherapy Society – presenting “Apitherapy: the Use of Hive Products for Health, Including Honey, Pollen, Propolis, Royal Jelly and Bee Venom.” We are privileged to have Kate, who is a Board member of AAS from Issaquah, Washington. Kate is a trained botanist, who has kept bees for many years, and became interested in apitherapy after experiencing its healing effects personally. She now is a helper and a healer to others, and will discuss her knowledge and experience with apitherapy.

 Jen Rasmussen – Paradise Nectar Apiary, Pahoa -
Jen is a long-time, experienced Top Bar Beekeeper who is known for her chemical and treatment-free beekeeping. Jen’s apiary produces natural honey, wax, candles, salves, ointments, tinctures, propolis, pollen, and more. She regularly teaches workshops on beekeeping.    


The Pupu Pavilion

Honeyed Pork Loin Sliders
Shrimp Skewers with Honey-Mustard Sauce
Ginger Honey Chicken Wings w/Asian Soy Reduction
Honey Corn Dogs
Honey Pumpkin Tarts w/Caramelized Mac Nuts
Honey Tea Lemonade, Honey Wines, Beer


The Hawaiian Natural Honey Challenge

The Hawaiian Natural Honey Challenge began four years ago, with the idea that our wonderful honeys should be recognized, and that hard-working Hawaiian beekeepers could take advantage of the marketing opportunities that would be created by having a juried, professionally judged honey competition.

To be eligible, the beekeeper must use ONLY natural means to produce and process honey - organic livestock management, no chemicals or pesticides to treat the bees or the hives, no heating, churning, or “seeding” of the honey. beekeepers that follow these rules are invited to enter their honeys into the competition. These honeys may be liquid, solid (crystallized and spreadable), or still in the honeycomb itself! They are all delicious, and totally natural and healthy!

Honey “varietals” that may be found here include the rare white Kiawe, Macadamia Blossom, Coffee Blossom, Coconut Blossom, Dragon Fruit, Eucalyptus and Citrus Honeys. Some of these wonderful honeys have been entered into the Hawaiian Natural Honey Challenge, and you may taste them at the People’s Choice Public Tasting Competition today and vote for your favorites today!


Safely watch the bees working behind glass!

Bee Mo’ Bettah Honey Vendor Booth
Paradise Bee Ranch Vendor Booth
Paradise Nectar Vendor Booth

(at time of publication)

Aloha Honey Company & Paradise Bee Ranch
Apothecary Boutique
Bee Mo’ Bettah Honey
Big Island Plants
Coconut Husker
E.M. Awareness
Hawai’I Reforestation Program
Honey Girl Farms
Honey’s Wood Art
Hot Rocks Hawai’i
Kitchen of Creation
Koa’e 4H Club
Komohana Apiary (Big Island Beekeepers Association)
Korean Bee Venom Extraction System
Linda Brooks Stained Glass
Luscious Sustainable Products
Master Gardeners Association
Mite Gone Varroa Mite Treatment System
Moonstruck Farms Kona Coffee
One Heart Coffee Farm, Hamakua
Parsantha Honey
Paradise Nectar
Recycle Hawai’i
Rare Hawaiian Honey
Sassy Wahine Designs
Tropsicles Tropical Popsicles
UH Dept. of Agriculture, Forestry & Nat.
    Resources Management


“If the bees disappeared off the surface of the globe then man would only have four years of life left. No more bees, no more pollination, no more plants, no more animals, no more man”                  --Albert Einstein

A huge MAHALO to the beekeepers of the State of Hawaii, who keep our bees healthy & productive!

Aina Meli - Erik Belcher, Beekeeper - Hilo
Apiary Arts Hawaii – Rod Vanderhoef & Pattie Rechtman,    
     Beekeepers – Papaikou
Bee Mo’ Bettah Honey – Ron Hanson, Beekeeper – Pahoa
Daddy’s Stolen Honey – Henry Iucker, Beekeeper – Volcano
Fire Mountain Ranch – Wm. Kennedy, Beekeeper – Pauuilo
Hawaiian Rainbow Bees – M. Yorkston, B’keeper – Honolulu
HI Dept. of Ag – Danielle Downey, State Apiarist  – Hilo
HHH Bee Farm – John Hanson, Beekeeper – Pahoa
Honey Bees Forever – Ruby Piano, Beekeeper – Hilo
Island Princess Macadamia Nut Farm – Devin Magellanes &  
    Vanessa Houle, Beekeepers – Keaau
Komohana Apiary – Big Island Beekeepers Association, - Hilo
La’akea Community LLC – Donna Willoughby, Beekeeper – Pahoa
Lotus Buddhist Monastery – P. Weder, B’kpr – Mountain View
Miki Macs LLC – Joyce Takahashi, Beekeeper – Lihue
Moloka’I Gold – Marshall Joy, Beekeeper - Kaunakakai, HI
Paauilo Mauka Products – Fred Solomon, B’keeper –     Kamuela
Paradise Bee Ranch – James Severtson, Beekeeper – Keaau
Paradise Nectar – Jen Rasmussen, Beekeeper – Pahoa
Paraiso Orchards LLC – Saturnio Doctor, Beekeeper – Pepeekeo
Parsantha Apiary – Larry Reiss, Beekeeper, Mountain View
Rare Hawaiian Honey Company – Dr. Michael Domeir,
     Beekeeper –  Kamuela
Steelgrass Farm – Tony Lydgate, Beekeeper – Kapaa
U of H, CAFNRM – Dr. Lorna Tsutsumi, Professor – Hilo
Callie McNew, Pahoa                          Paul Takehiro, Hilo
Mary Anne Smiles, Kurtistown          Peggy Beckett, Hakalau
Chuck Sorenson, Hakalau                   Michael McCoy, Makawao
Michael McCoy, Makawao                 Dennis Alessio, Papaikou
Oksana Kozinsky, Papaaloa                Gerry Silver, Honomu
Dr. Bob Sumner-Mack, Hilo               Linda Jensen, Honomu
Greg Johnson, Pahoa                          Don Reeser
Carol Ann Davis, Koloa


Big Island Beekeepers Association
State of Hawai’I Dept. of Agriculture
Nani Mau Gardens
Connections Charter School
State of Hawai’I Apiary Program
Univ. of Hawai’I/Hilo, College of Agriculture,
   Forestry, and Natural Resources Mgmt.

American Apitherapy Society
Apiary Arts Hawaii
Bee Culture Magazine/A.I. Root Company
Big Island Weekly
Blue Hawaiian Helicopters
Cyril Pahinui
Hawai’I Master Gardeners
Hilo Municipal Golf Course
Ka’u Calendar
Kadota’s Liquor
KAPA Radio
Kilauea Lodge
Kui & I Florist
Mann Lake Beekeeping Supplies
One Heart Farm Coffee Company
The OrchidWorks
Paradise Bee Ranch
Paradise Nectar
Parsantha Apiary
Rare Hawaiian Honey Company
Recycle Hawai’i
Rusty’s Ka’u Coffee
Southern Wine & Spirits
Sustainable Hawai’i
The Wave Radio

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