Saturday, May 4, 2013

Note from Carol Conner, Secretary

Aloha, BIBA members! 

You will notice a change in the formatting of your email addresses. It was pointed out to me that spammers may "grab" email lists, and that blind addressing is helpful in avoiding the spammers, etc. Therefore, your email addresses will no longer be revealed to other members.

The agenda for the next general meeting is attached, as well as the minutes of the last meeting (March 3). The next meeting will be held Sunday, May 5, at 3 pm at the Kamana Senior Center. A BIBA Board meeting will precede the general meeting at 2 pm, and all members are welcome to attend.

This meeting will be very important. It will include a presentation by Chelle Pahinui, the consultant who is assisting us with plans and preparations for the annual Hawaiian Natural Honey Challenge and Festival. Subcommittees will also be formed in preparation for the Honey Challenge. There is much work to be done!

Hopefully all members will find a subcommittee that interests them.The following are functions that subcommittees will need to address and manage. This may not be a final list, and some areas may be combined or split apart, but please be thinking about what kind of activities you would like to participate in, and whether you would be interested and available to chair a subcommittee.
Rules - review, evaluate and revise (as needed) the rules for the Honey Challenge, including definition and requirements for varietal honeys, bottling, submissions, etc.
Judging - review previous year's criteria for judging honey entries, and for selection of judges and management of the judging process, and propose revisions where appropriate. Identify and recruit potential judges, and select judges for the Honey Challenge. Liaison with Honey Challenge judges prior to and day of event; solicitation of gifts and preparation of judges' gift baskets.
Registrar - reviewing and revising (if necessary) previous year's process for accepting entries, labelling entries for blind tasting and judging, etc.
Logistics - determining venue needs, required equipment rentals (as required); management of the People's Choice (public honey tasting).
Publicity/Outreach/Awards - make sure event is adequately publicized, advertised and marketed. Contact beekeepers and associations on this island and statewide to invite new and prior year participants. Liaison with Registrar; compilation of scores; preparation of awards and certificates.
Finally, we would like to greatly increase both the number of members in BIBA as well as the number of participants entering their honey in the Honey Challenge. In the BIBA grant that was submitted and funded by the State Department of Agriculture, a goal was set to double the number of honey challenge participants (from 43 to 86.) This is an achievable goal, but only if we all work together to get the entire Hawaii beekeeping community on board. PLEASE think about beekeepers that you know that are not currently active in BIBA, and try to bring them along to the next meeting.

Please feel free to contact me, if you have any questions or concerns, at 982-3780.

Carol Conner
BIBA Secretary & Honey Challenge Project Coordinator

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