Saturday, May 4, 2013

Minutes Sunday March 3, 2013 BIBA meeting

  • Big Island Beekeepers Association Big Island Beekeepers’ Association Meeting 
    Sunday, March 3, 2013
    Meeting was called to order by President Larry Reiss at 3 pm. Members in attendance: Larry, Carol, Rod, Peggy, James , Shawn, Alan, Eric B, Tom, Ollie, Ron, Lyn. Guests in attend
    ance: John Stickler (Hawaii Business Magazine), Soma Han, Telio and his wife, Wayne Borden.
    Treasurer’s Report (Rod Vanderhoef):
    The previous balance in the treasury was $1042.11. A deposit was made of $250.50, consisting of sales from last meeting, additional dues, and T-shirts. Current balance is now $1,297.66.
    Motion: It was moved and seconded that the Treasurer’s Report be accepted. Motion carried.
    Secretary’s Minutes of February 3 meeting (Carol Conner):
    Motion: It was moved and seconded that the Secretary’s Minutes be accepted. Motion carried. 
    Agenda Items:
    1. Honey Challenge 2012 
    a. T-shirts – T-shirts are for sale.
    Motion: Moved and seconded to sell off shirts for $10. Motion carried.
    b. Any final thoughts/discussion – need to improve judging in the future. “It was too many honeys to taste.”

    2. Update on planning for 2013 Honey Challenge.
    Board needs additional authority to manage the grant, including awarding contract to the consultant and expending funds. 
    Motion: Moved and seconded to grant authority to the Board to receive and expend any and all funds related to the State Dept. of Agriculture grant for the 2013 Honey Challenge. Motion carried.

    3. Subcommittees for the 2013 "Honey Challenge"
    Alan would volunteer to be on judging sub- committee. 

    4. SB 482 update/BIBA support letter funds. 

    Eric pointed out that BIBA could/should get involved in pending legislation that impacts beekeepers.

    5. Replace Media Editor 
    Motion: Moved and seconded to elect Peggy Beckett as Media Editor. Motion carried.

    6. Komohana apiary – all hives are doing well. 2 Top bars, 2 occupied Langstroth, and one vacant Langstroth. Need volunteers this Sat. for Apiary Day, 9-10; 10-12 hive maintenance.
    Motion: It was moved and seconded that a maximum of $300 be expended for maintenance of the Komohana apiary. Motion carried.

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