Tuesday, May 28, 2013

For those who got VSH Queens today

  1. Please place your queen cell into your properly prepared hive or split immediately after receiving it.
  2. Don’t allow the temperature while the cell is being transported to fall below or rise above what you would be comfortable with. (NO LEAVING IN A HOT CAR.)
  3. Do not turn the cell upside down or sideways. Place your queen cell ONTO A COMB in the nuc box or hive that you have prepared, with the bottom of the queen cell facing down.
  4. Now would be a good time to do an initial count of varroa mites in the queen cell's hive, OR the hive that your split came out of. Sticky boards are available to take home with you on Tuesday.
  5. If your cell is viable, she should hatch Wed., Thurs. or Fri. CHECK THE HIVE ON JUNE 1 OR JUNE 2 to confirm if the queen has emerged. If she has NOT emerged you will need to requeen your split or have some other plan. A normally emerged queen cell looks like it's been opened with a can opener:
IF the queen cell has been "assassinated" (there was a queen or another queen cell in the hive that you didn't know about), it will have a hole in the side and will look similar to the queen cell that is circled in yellow (normally emerged cell on the right circled in pink):
PLEASE email Carol after the weekend so we can track how many of the queens successfully emerged!
  1. Open up the hive to start looking for fresh eggs around June 6; be patient til June 16 or thereabouts. Please send an email to cconne2010@gmail.com to let BIBA know if your queen emerged from her cell and is laying.
  2. Three months after your queen has emerged, be sure to start testing for varroa mites and reporting the results; and every two months thereafter. If you need help with the statistics or counting part, please contact Carol.

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